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Happy December everyone! It’s our favorite season we right? In case you aren't sure why you should love December as much as we do, let us give you 10 Reasons to prove our point.

1. Decorating for Christmas

Growing up, decorating for Christmas was always a tradition. It meant hot cocoa, yule log on the tv and a lot of Christmas music. I love transforming our home into a Christmas wonderland and it is always a great family tradition for many families to do this all together. Making the best Christmas tree or cursing at knots in the Christmas lights.

2. Christmas Traditions/Activities

Most Christmas traditions involve the whole family and have been around for years. It's always fun to look back on these as you get older. Driving around to see Christmas lights, Christmas parties, gift exchanges...the list is endless but they are always favorite parts of my December.

3. Winter Wonderland

The first big snow usually happens within the time frame of December along with more frequent showings of the white stuff. It's great to see snow adorning the branches and brings with it a sense of peace. Before we have to brave it and drive in it, of course. we are hoping to capture a few good shots of the snow this year since we will go to Europe on a snow days so we might actually get!

4. 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family

Even if you own all the movies they play conitnuously, there is just something so exciting about the start of this yearly tradition. Cuddled up with hot chocolate, lights twinkling and The Santa Clause playing.

5. It’s Coat Season

Want that extra piece of pie? Sure, why not. There is nothing fearful about being in sweatpants and covering up with sweaters as there is in the summer when you face and body it’s all uncover.

6. Commercials

All commercials become a lot more festive this time of year. They aren't just background noise but ones you actually want to watch. Coca-Cola Polar Bears perhaps? Or maybe the timeless M&M commercial.

7. Christmas

Family. Food. Giving presents. All around cheer. Can there be anything better in December? Oh, yes, actually...

**8. Europe Trip **

We have a trip this December to Europe to see the Aurora Borealis, It’s been on our bucket list since we were Little. We plan to visit Iceland and Stockholm for this Winter Wonderland.

9. Cold Weather

The only part we like about is walking through the freezing cold is getting into the warmth. We flash our hands over a candle, and the heat from the tiny flames warms them.

10. New Year

What's more to love than New Year's Eve? Kiss with your sweetie at midnight, cheers of champagne with your friends and family to start a brand new year.

December is the storm before the calm. It is the shopping frenzy before we open gifts. It is the race to the year’s finish line.

Don’t let the glow of December pass as you eagerly await your fresh start. Stop to enjoy the magic of the month, the very last month of the year. Stop for cocoa, or to watch kids throw snowballs in the park. Stop to talk to your friends or your family or your boss about what the hell happened this year. What brought you down, how you picked yourself up. Stop to enjoy the holiday parties, instead of simply poking your head in, just to check the obligations off your list. December should never be the month you’re just trying to make it through.

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