I survived the Rolling Loud Music Festival! It had been on my bucket list for a while, so I was really excited to go. I love music and love going to concerts, so I decided to finally make the trip this year to
Miami and work in this amazing collaboration with SIMPLE Mobile. The Rolling Loud Music Festival is a three-day rap and hip-hop festival that takes place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. There were tons of artists performing throughout the weekend, which made it easy to find more than a few performances that I loved. All of the concerts took place at several stages spread throughout the festival grounds.

The SIMPLE Mobile Recharge Lounge on site gave you the chance to charge your phone, use free Wi-Fi, and provided couches to sit down and relax!! They are the best. Seriously, I had everything I needed to survive at the festival. You guys know me and know I can't survive without Wi-Fi and a fully charged battery.

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With the SIMPLE Mobile $50 Truly Unlimited plan, I was able to stay connected while enjoying Rolling Loud. I love spending time on my phone and documenting my experiences, so thank you SIMPLE Mobile for keeping me connected on a lightning-fast network. You can also get two lines of Truly Unlimited 4G LTE† data for $75 a month.

Rolling Loud is about feeling the vibes, connecting to new people and experiencing the best of living life. You need to attend Rolling Loud and forget about everything else. You will be surrounded with thousands of people and amazing music.

The weather was so hot. Even if you’ve lived in Arizona or Miami your WHOLE life and are used to the heat, you still would have been hot. If you plan to attend in the future, be sure to prepare yourself with fans, cool towels, spray bottles, etc. to stay cool. I really didn’t notice being cold after the sun went down either, but maybe that’s because I was running off the pure adrenaline of dancing the night away.

It's really cool how you see people dressing so cool for the music festival. The lighting and scenario is just perfect for pictures. Seriously I had a great time. Thank you SIMPLE Mobile for this amazing time and for helping me share my experience by keeping me connected.

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