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I would love to talk about the products I’m using to take care of my skin. I’m collaborating with this Luxe bran for Men and everything I’ve been using for my face is absolutely perfect. The brand is called Lesubtile and they got plenty of products for your skin care. For me It is really important to take care of my face and this are the reasons why.


***1. Our skin sheds itself daily,
2. All skin types are different,
3. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process,
**4. Prevention is easier, **
5. A skin care routine saves you money,
**6. When you look good you feel good, **
7. A skin care routine can help establish other healthy routines ***

Are you convinced now to give your skin care routine a second look? There is no time like the present to develop a skin care routine that works for you and can keep your skin looking and feeling amazing for years to come!

And people still think it’s not necessary to take care of your skin. Personally I would like to have a perfect skin and look good rather than a bad dead skin looking old.

This are the products I’m using for my daily routine. It comes on a box with 5 Products.


•1 Non Surgical Lifting Syringe Instant Eye Lift**

Using ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate, the Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe from LE SUBTILE tightens the skin and lifts wrinkles while absorbing excess facial oil. The Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe also includes green tea, which not only reduces wrinkles, but also helps prevent sun damage, tones skin, and works on many skin types as well as psoriasis or rosacea.

Application: Clean your face thoroughly and pat dry. Shake the product in the syringe to prevent air pockets. Using your ring finger, smooth on (do not rub) a very thin layer on your face, including upper and lower eyelids. Keep your face as expressionless as possible until the product is dry and fully absorbed. You may apply powder makeup but do not use liquid makeup or lotion.

•1 After Shave Moisturizer

LE SUBTILE’s crisp and clean after-shave moisturizer soothes and softens the skin. A fresh, light, non-oily texture leaves the skin tastefully fragranced.

Application: Apply aftershave balm to face and neck after shaving. Use day and night.

•1 Facial Cleanser

Gently and effectively frees skin of impurities and excess oils, without damaging the skin’s own moisture content. Effective in thorough skin cleansing. Reduce skin irritation from shaving. Speeds up natural skin regeneration with Vitamin E.

Application: Dispense a small amount into palm of hand. Add a few drops of water and apply to face in a circular motion. Rinse off with plenty of water. Follow with LE SUBTILE moisturizer.

•1 Vitamin C Serum

This unique and potent serum blend provides unparalleled results which diminish fine lines and rejuvenate dead skin cells. Each active ingredient works synergistically to boost one another to lighten, tighten, and boost cellular growth in any applied area – particularly the face and around the eyes.

Application: Apply 2 pumps to the neck and face. Use 1 to 2 times daily. Smooth product gently into the skin using circular motions. Allow product to fully absorb before applying LE SUBTILE moisturizer.

**•1 Premium Handmade Soap
Smells just like a fresh field of Cool Water. Soap does not contain a color.

Application: Use daily in the shower.

I am personally a huge fan of Le Subtitle Luxe for Men, if you are looking for a full skin care product line I suggest you invest on this brand. Its a great investment set and it will last you for 3 months. It has everything you need to get started with a proper skincare routine.

This is a great advice for you guys it's never to late to take care of your skin.

Please let me know if you got any questions.

**Charlie **