Quick Answer: Will Bleach Damage Curls?

Why can’t you Perm bleached hair?

Perming is one of the most difficult thing to master even with long years of experience because every customer’s hair texture and damage levels are different.

With bleached hair, it is hard to even curl the ends of the hair because the hair has been stripped off of everything with the bleach..

Is bleach worse than perm?

A perm won’t fry your hair like a bleaching appointment would, but it’s still altering the makeup of your tresses and so there will be some damage involved. … The chemicals used are harsh on your hair but not in the way bleach is,” Casey Wintheiser, a stylist at The Blowout Parlor, shares with Bustle.

How long after bleaching my hair can I perm it?

2 weeksYou can do a perm in bleached hair, but it is very important that you wait 2 weeks between applying the dye and doing the perm. Now, what happens if you have dyed hair, and you want to do a perm? In this case, you should wait at least a week between one process and the other.

Why is my hair curly after bleaching?

Bleached hair can also become straight, curly, frizzy, or insanely brittle and the texture can continue to change the more you wash it. Since bleaching rips your pores open, those holes can continue to leak out whatever is left every time you wash.

How can I bring my curls back to life?

With patience and diligence, you just may start to see the old you in your curls again.Clarify Your Hair Without Shampoo. … Take a Long, Long Break From Heat. … Cut Your Ties With The Damage. … Give Your Hair Protein Shakes. … Embrace The Wash n’ Go.

Will bleach ruin a perm?

Additionally, the chemical process of the perm itself would completely ruin the hair combined with the effects of the bleach. Overly processed hair will actually become straight because it can’t hold the new lanthionine bonds placed during the perm.

Can you tone without bleaching?

Absolutely! You can use toner to switch up the color of your hair at home. Or, you can use toner to remove brassiness without bleaching your hair first.