Quick Answer: What Does Coiffeuse Meaning In English?

What is a city coffer?

A coffer is a box for money.

This is a metaphor that says the city is imposing fees on the people not to enforce the law, but to make money (i.e.

figuratively “make an inner layer of dollar bills for their money strongbox”)..

How do you use valediction in a sentence?

Valediction sentence exampleI bid you all a fond valediction , but I must move on. … For the hired priest It was hard to compose the valediction expected. … Glenys Malyon gave a valediction for Valerie for her term as chair of PACT.

What does tittered mean?

to laugh nervously, often at something that you feel you should not be laughing at: … Their performance left the audience tittering with embarrassed laughter.

What is a rapporteur EU?

A rapporteur is a member of the European Parliament made responsible for handling a legislative proposal drawn up by the European Commission, both procedurally as well as with regard to the substance of the proposal. … Rapporteurs may also handle other EU documents such as important reports or strategic guidelines.

How do you use coiffure in a sentence?

Coiffure in a Sentence 🔉When Jimmy wears a coiffure of that style, he looks like a mobster in his silk suit. … Many people wonder if the political candidate’s unusual coiffure is a wig or his natural hair.More items…

What is coiffure English?

coiffure • \kwah-FYUR\ • noun. : a style or manner of arranging the hair.

What is a Couffer?

English Language Learners Definition of coffer : a box for holding money or other valuable things. : money that is available for spending.

What are government coffers?

coffers [ plural ] the money that an organization has in its bank accounts and available to spend: government/party coffers.

What is a couturier?

English Language Learners Definition of couturier : a person or business that designs and makes clothes for women.

What does a special rapporteur do?

Special rapporteurs are in charge of holding inquiries into violations and to intervene on specific issues or urgent situations. They therefore play an important role in the protection of human rights. They are independent, sit individually and cannot be appointed more than six years.

What is rapporteur in English?

: a person who gives reports (as at a meeting of a learned society)

What is a coffer?

A coffer (or coffering) in architecture is a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling, soffit or vault.

Is Coiffure masculine or feminine?

coiffureFrenchEnglish1.coiffure (feminine noun)hairdo (noun)2.coiffure (feminine noun)hairdressing (noun)3.coiffure (feminine noun)hairstyle4.coiffure (feminine noun)coiffure (noun)1 more row

How can I be a good rapporteur?

Learning is the first step towards becoming a good rapporteur. The second step is practicing. There is an adage that says practice makes better. The more you practice what you learn, the better you become.

What are coiffures?

Coiffure is a fancy French word for hairdo. If you spend a lot of time working on your coiffure, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror fixing your hair. The word coiffure originally meant hairstylist, now it means the style. The word implies an elaborate style, not just a regular haircut.

What does how many mean?

—used to ask or talk about an amount How many people were there? I was surprised by how many people were there. How many times do I have to tell you to lock the door?

What is a coffer Brainly?

an area where the priest sits. …

How do you spell hair?

Correct spelling for the English word “hair” is [hˈe͡ə], [hˈe‍ə], [h_ˈeə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is a coffer used for?

Coffer, in furniture, most commonly a portable container for valuables, clothes, and other goods, used from the Middle Ages onward. It was normally a wooden box covered in leather, studded with nails, and fitted with carrying handles.

What is coffer architecture?

Coffer, in architecture, a square or polygonal ornamental sunken panel used in a series as decoration for a ceiling or vault. The sunken panels were sometimes also called caissons, or lacunaria, and a coffered ceiling might be referred to as lacunar.