Question: What Is The Feminine Form Of Instituteur?

Is Bank masculine or feminine in French? (noun) (noun)berge (feminine noun) (noun) (noun)levée de terre (feminine noun)11 more rows.

Is Boulanger masculine or feminine in French?

boulangerFrenchEnglish1.boulanger (feminine noun) Forms: boulangère (forms)baker’s wife2.boulanger (masculine noun, feminine noun) Forms: boulangère (forms)baker

What is the feminine of coiffeur?

The French translation for “hairdresser (feminine)” is coiffeuse.

Is Informaticien masculine or feminine?

The French translation for “IT expert (masculine)” is informaticien.

Is Institutrice masculine or feminine in French?

instituteurFrenchEnglish1.instituteurschoolmaster2.instituteur (masculine noun, feminine noun) Forms: institutrice (forms)elementary school teacher3.instituteur (masculine noun, feminine noun) Forms: institutrice (forms)primary school teacher4.instituteur (masculine noun)instructor (noun)2 more rows

What is the feminine of directeur?

directrice”Director,” for example, is directeur in the masculine, and directrice in the feminine. A mixed group of male and female “directors,” however, takes the plural masculine directeurs, because, grammar handbooks will inform you, the masculine represents the universal.

Is Tableau masculine or feminine?

Answer and Explanation: The word tableau in French is a masculine noun.

What is the female of UN Taureau?

4 Masculine and feminine forms of wordsun hommea manune femmea womanun taureaua bullune vachea cowun neveua nephew3 more rows

What Is a Boulanger chef?

A Boulanger is the French term for a bread baker. … In addition to maintaining order in the bakery, a head baker also orders supplies and ingredients, creates recipes, and coordinates with the bakers and the pastry chefs of the bakery. At the lower end of the hierarchy are the bakers and baker’s assistants.

What does instituteur mean?

[ɛ̃stitytœʀ ] Word forms: instituteur, institutrice. masculine noun/feminine noun. primary school (Brit) teacher ⧫ elementary school (USA) teacher.

Is Infirmière masculine or feminine?


What is the feminine of UN?

In French, you choose from un, une and des, depending on whether the noun is masculine or feminine, and singular or plural….1 The basic rules.with masculine nounwith feminine nounSingularununePluraldesdes

What Is a Boulanger?

noun. baker [noun] a person who bakes. He is a qualified baker.