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I'm Really happy that we are Launching the Fittness section in our blog. The first post you will se are FEAUTURED by TEAMM8 if you havent heard of this brand you should check it out, I'll leave the link below.......

So after all my trips, and busy days I decided that I was getting back to track with my fitness life. In my personal opinion I love to work out on my own phase, Streching matters, people dont realize how important is to strech and to cool down. How many of you do the Streching and cool down. Exactly, no so many. One of my important requirements to work out is my fitness Outfit, people say you don't got to look good for work out, in my case you got to look stylish and the most imporant the cloths have to be confortable for every move you do, and nothing will make you feel like that than the TEAMM 8, I promise you will love everything from TEAMM8. Just remember to never give up and don't let anyone drag you down!!! Enjoy the last days of this week.

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