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I'm back :) I really want to talk a little bit about my leatest trip to Europe. It was definetly one of my best expiriences of my life. Since I was little I was dreaming to visit this beautiful cities. Actually I always said to myself that in 2016 I was going to, and my thoughts and dreams lined up with the universe and it all became real. So first of all my trip started a Little wrong since I packed to many things and brought with me big suitcases, it had a reason as Fashion Blogger I had to bring with me all the cloths of the brands I am collaborating with, so I didn't got any choice.

As an advice if you ever go to Europe trip don't bring for any reason a Big Luggage, Or bring a Big Luggage but don't excess the Airline Weight Limit or you will pay a lot of money like I did. Try to do it as simple as possible, and if you will be traveling between cities try to get the Airfare on time or it will be really expensive. If you Got any questions regarding the hotels, you guys should check out the Hotels I got the chance to collaborate with, I sincerly love each one, they all are affordable and worth it !! I can promise you will never regreat if you stay in any of these.

I can't say which one was my favorite city since all of them got my heart ! Well I actually do have the one I will love to live one day and it's Paris. No matter how bad is my French, this city is my Dream. It is beautiful as people say, and It is Magical as magic can be. London was so amazing too, People in london are really educated, you will feel like a Queen or King, it's the city where you will see the Heart of the Financials, and get a touch of Royalty. If you ever go to Italy, try to visit Rome, Milan, Venice, and Florence. You will fall in love Instanly, People are great, the food is delicious, and their History will make you fall in love. Berlin, sounds scary but it's not ! Many history in this city, and big parties every night. Actually it's know to have the best night club in the world. You have to drink a beer, and no excusess. Now heading to the Canal City, The XXX City, The city that stole my heart since I was approaching to land. Amsterdam, Try it, and you will never regreat. I got to say I felt weird to see a lot of bicycles. You will freak out when you walk through the city, you seriously got to be careful where you walk, and try to always look when you cross to the other side, no because a car might come, because you will be run over by many bicycles. But I got to say the city is definelty Incredible.

Every City I visited got their own Magic. You don't got to spend a lot of money to go to Europe. And you should definetly go as soon as you get it in your mind. If you got any questions please contact me and I will gladly answer all.

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