Hey Guys,

So recently I partnered up with FitTrack to try their Smart Body scale for some days and let me tell you it’s my favorite scale out there in the market. I’m in shock with everything the Scales shows you about your body. I want to explain you a little bit more about what the BMI Scale features and what was my opinion after using it.


So first of all the BMI Scale features the Track 17 Health Index, BODY COMPOSITION Weight, BMI (body mass index) & muscle mass % and body water. On my opinion that’s amazing that it tells us. People don’t realize but knowing and controlling your water % is really important.


It is really easy to set up it will automatically sync your scale in minutes using smartphone Bluetooth. You know how much we all love to have a simple way to work with technology and for sure BMI will never make us suffer or waste our time. It was the simplest thing to connect it to my phone.


You guys will be able to have multiple users that means you and your family members, friends, roommates will be able to keep track without a problem. It recognizes up to 8 users while keeping individual results private.


You will be able to Track your Goals, that is really important to keep track and history of your improvements. Chart your progress over time to be motivated to work towards your goals.

The Scale has the best technology you can ask for. It has a Backlit LCD display; and It will display units in lbs and kg what ever is your preference. What you will need is a 4 AAA's Battery.


So after using the scale for various days and keeping in track my weight and my stats I can tell you it’s an Excellent product. I really like how easy it was to connect it to my iPhone -- get the app (nothing to do once app is set up) only needs bluetooth on and done easy and ready to
use. I love how it is very accurate and informative. It is helping me my weight loss progress.


I was tracking my progress for the past 6 days and it impressive how helpful it is to keep in track.

This is what the BMI Scale Technology is designed to measure the following:

  • Weight
  • Base Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Ratio (BFR)
  • Protein Rate
  • Muscle Ratio
  • Metabolic Age
  • Body Water Percentage %
  • Visceral Fat Index
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Bone Mass
  • Standard Weight
  • Weight Control
  • Fat Mass
  • Weight Without Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Protein Mass
  • Obesity Level


I promise it will be a really well worth the investment and since I know you guys will love it I would love to give you a 20% off on your next purchase using the promo code “charlie20” and please let me know what you guys think after using it.

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Don’t forget to check them out on their social media platforms. @getfittrack

**The app is available on Android and IPhone. **

Love you guys.