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When it's cold, some guys shrivel up and die inside their coats. Don't be that guy. Instead, do as 2 Men 2 Styles does and walk out into the winter, is another chance to impress with the best Artic Grip styles boots from Hush Puppies.

So we decided to do a weekend getaway to the snow and go out to the adventure, this time we didn’t slip since we got with us the best Artic Grip Technology boots with. It’s our first time using this kind of technology and to be honest we are surprised how perfect this boots are. We love to go out to the adventure especially to the snow and for us is really important to have the best footwear that makes us look stylish and safe. In our personal opinion we had tried many different boots, but none of them meet our expectations as the Gage Parkview Ice Boots.

We are so excited to tell you how much we love this Gage Parkview Ice Boots with the amazing Artic Grip technology; it’s technology grips to slippery, wet ice. We got the Black and Brown boots, both styles are amazing as you can see on the pictures. What makes them incredible is that they have combined the perfect leader style with Vibram Arctic Grip rubber outsole technology grips. What we love the most about Gage Parkview Ice Boots technology and style is that you will walk with confidence in inclement weather without compromising style in this lace-up waterproof leather boot with sealed seams to keep feet dry. And what really got us in shock is that the Thermochromatic lug changes color to indicate when the temperature reaches freezing, isn’t that amazing? The Vibram Arctic Grip rubber outsole is designed to keep you on your feet and never fall down.

What we liked most about Hush Puppies is that it has been leading the casual lifestyle revolution helping people like us to embrace everyday comfort styles.Hush Puppies is the go-to footwear, accessory and apparel brand that delivers the right mix of timeless style, dependable comfort and quality.

Let us explain more about the Arctic Grip technology.

Hush Puppies is known for its existing Icetrek sole, which is designed for dry ice and similar cold weather terrain. The company’s new Arctic Grip sole is an entirely different beast. Arctic Grip works best on wet ice, allowing a user to walk on most icy surfaces without slipping.

On top of this technology, the shoes are also outfitted in waterproof yet breathable leather for maximum style, comfort, and confidence in the winter elements.

So we totally recommend you this amazing Artic Grip Collections boots from Hush Puppies. They also have other amazing designs featuring Vibram Artic Grip and groundbreaking technology that grips to slippery, wet ice without sacrificing your style.

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