So on this picture you will se what products I use every day for my skincare. I basically use what my skin needs. I order the products on how I use them and divided them for when my skin needs them. Numbers 1-5 I use them daily.** Numbers 6-10 are the ones I use depending on what my skin needs**.

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys are doing great, So Today I decided to talk about the skincare products I use since most of you have been asking me about. Let me tell you that I hated to use skincare products, I never liked it and I never payed attention on how important it was for me to take care of my skin. We live in a world where there’s a lot of contamination in the air, where the sun light kills our skin and can get us skin cancer, what you eat also makes your skin change so there’s a lot of factors that can damage your skin permanently.

After I tried for the first time LabSeries Skincare for Men I totally fall in love. It took time to adapt my self for a daily skincare routine but I did it and I feel totally different now. LabSeries is something that you as a men need. Did you know your skin is 30-40% thicker than a woman's*? Plus, it has more oil-producing glands and larger pores. Add shaving to the mix, and it all adds up to one very important fact: to look its best, your skin requires care that's specially formulated for its unique needs.


1.What I use daily in the shower for my face is is the Multi-Action Face Wash. The essential first step. Washing away grime helps clear pores and avoid breakouts and bumps that can mean shaving disaster. A formulation designed for your thicker, porous skin is key.

  1. Also in the shower I get to use the Pro-LS All-One-Shower Gel that means is All-In-One formula can be used 4 different ways: 1. BODY WASH: Cleans and refreshes body, helping eliminate odors. 2. SHAMPOO: Rich lather purifies hair, removing product build-up. 3. FACE WASH: Purifies facial skin, sweeping away oil and debris. 4. SHAVE: Creates a dense cushion, helping enhance razor glide and protecting skin during shaving.

  2. After Shower if need to shave I use the 3-In-One Post Shave. having disrupts your skin's protective moisture barrier. Do it right or pay the price. Our multi-benefit formulations prep, soothe, and help prevent post-shave irritation while improving skin's look and feel.

  3. For my daily deodorant I use the Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick. I love that this product has no smell and works perfectly fine for Sheer, non-whitening formula glides on for long lasting wetness and odor protection.

  4. After drying carefully my face with my towel I use my favorite product Solid Water Essence. I love it because it Energize. Hydrate. Boost. Concentrated gel bursts into a liquid "essence" to provide an instant energy boost to the skin. It helps skin fight the look of fatigue and amp up hydration. The targeted treatment holds the hydrating properties of a moisturizing gel and delivers them in a Bamboo-infused water to be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Antioxidants help fight free radicals for more youthful-looking skin over time. Use alone for an instant boost, anytime—or follow with serum and moisturizer.


For the following products (6-10) I used them depending when my skin needs it.

Serious skincare gets serious results. MAX LS, with the Molecular Age-Less Complex, helps refine, repair, and renew the look of skin with powerful anti-aging technology that's backed by science.

  1. When I feel my skin needs a softer surface I love using the Age Rescue + Water-Charged Gel Cream. Its mostly unleashes the power of Ginseng to help save skin from the visible effects of aging, stress, and fatigue. Delivers a unique double burst of replenishing and cooling hydration that lasts up to 24 hours. Repairs, renews, and reenergizes your tired skin for a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

  2. To treat my Skin I like using the All-in-One Face treatment. Super light, fast-absorbing moisturizer checks multiple items off your daily routine—it is an efficiency expert. Delivers four skin benefits: soothes, hydrates, repairs, and controls shine. One and done. Made to simplify your morning routine and streamline the contents of your travel or gym bag.

  3. Also for Repair I use the Future Rescue Repair Serum definitely this is one of my favorites I love using it almost for daily anti-aging treatment. Featuring a “Quad Focus” approach, this global serum creates a barrier to help skin defend against pollution and combat visible aging. Skin is defended; its youth visibly restored, its FUTURE RESCUED.

  4. Other treat I use specially when I got photoshoots is the Max- LS Instant Eye Lift. It’s Lightweight, concentrated daily treatment triggers a time-released renewal process that moisturizes, repairs, tightens, and lifts the skin’s appearance to help fight the visible effects of aging. For smoother, firmer skin and redefined contours.

  5. The Max LS Age-Less Power V Lifting cream is something you must have. I love the feeling after I use it. If you want to look younger this is for you. An innovative solution to help visibly redefine skin's contours. Advanced daily treatment contains LS Power V Technology™ and Molecular Age-Less Complex™ to fight the visible effects of gravity, such as sagging and reduced firmness. Instantly helps skin look tightened and more lifted - revitalized. Over time, skin appears to virtually defy gravity; its appearance is visibly transformed for a more youthful look.

All of this Face treatments I just mentioned are the ones I tried and my skin loves. After using the Solid Water Essence I get to pick which treatment I will use. This is my daily routine, You will love any of their products. The best part is that they have many options for you and your skin. What ever you need they will have it for you. I totally recommend LabSeries it's something you will be thankful in the future.

Please let me know if you guys got any questions and don't forget to check their website for more.

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