Hey Guys,

I’m really excited for Fall 2017 !!! Let me tell you that Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of all. Why ? First of all because I love the cold weather, second of all I get to wear my favorite pieces of cloths. Yeah exactly, the scarfs, coats, jackets, and the boots. I love to go out for a walk feeling cozy and drinking my Pumpkin spice latte !! I Mean who doesn’t like pumpkin latte ? Its impossible to not get fat on fall / winter. And last but not least the food and the family reunions. I get those lovely feelings that I wanna be with my family and friend having delicious food and a great time. It’s always a good time to enjoy your family and friends but I don’t know what or why I that must do in this seasons.

On this post I’m wearing a casual Fall look. So I got a really light blue sweater with the ripped jeans. It’s all right if you still wear those ripped jeans for fall. I mean I live in Los Angeles it's kinda warm until December so I can still get to use them. With that matching I got my brown big size scarf making it the climax of the look. I love scarfs so for sure you will see me wearing them a lot. And last but not least Im wearing this brown Chelsea boots. I love everything from this look, specially how the colors matched. Its not that difficult to make a simple look for fall. Any sweater with some great jeans/pants and some nice boots / shoes will make it perfect. Always try new things, don’t forget the details. Its always good to be simple don’t over exaggerate the look.

For this Look I’m wearing.

Sweater. Jacob Holtson - Jeans, H&M - Boots, Robert Wayne Men - Scarf, Zara

Please let me know what you think about this look.

I will be posting more about Fall Styles.

Have a good one.