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Hey Guys,

It’s been a while and now we are back showing you the best outfit for Spring 2017. As the temperatures get warmer, it’s about time to use your spring outfits. On this post we are showing you two different styles that can be perfect for spring. A perfect outfit for spring is conducted out of a Brown or Black jacket from Jofama – like the ones We are wearing in our pictures, we both did our own combination that matched the perfect style with the unique accessories from Gamin NYC.

As you can see Charlie is wearing the beautiful brown jacket from Jofama with the broken jeans and the camel Chealsea boots. Donn is wearing the perfect all black, from top to bottom with the perfect accessories from Gamin NYC isn't that ring and necklace perfect? we really love this pieces. Both jackets can be also combined with Chelsea boots, sneakers or other shoes, but We prefer the boots since they fit perfectly with the style. If you’re not a fan of the brown or black jacket, there are many alternative colors you can choose from…for example sand is a very cool color that’s also perfect for spring.

Also if you have never use a ring or a necklace it's time for you to give it a try. This accessories are the ones that will make your outfit look beyond perfect. There's a lot of styles you can choose from.

We both are wearing a normal shirt (sand and black) but you can also rock a normal basic tee to this outfit. The ripped jeans Charlie is wearing are from H&M from the last season, but We show you some good alternatives that you can buy online. The black pants Donn is wearing are also from H&M from all the seasons. That can be perfect match for any occasion.

As a little highlight in our looks, the most simple things can make you look better. You don't need more much.

Please let us know if you guys got any questions, We Invite you to check them out **Jofama **Fashion & Gamin NYC Design for accesories.

Thank You for reading us !