First of all we want to **Thank 4x4 Adventure Iceland **for this amazing TOUR ! It was a great adventure.





**Why choose 4X4 Adventure Iceland **

Their area has one of the best trails in Iceland
Amazing nature - Volcanos, black sandy beaches, moss, mountains.
They take you to remote areas with little or no traffic.

This was one of our FAVORITE spot of the Tour.

What to wear ?

They provide all the necessary gear required for your ATV tour, helmet, overall, boots, and gloves.


Bikes and Safety

Your safety is their number one priority. They provide you with quality bikes that are automatic and easy to drive and built for two persons to give more stability than normal ATV’s. Their guides have years experience and have received first aid training.

All of the buggy tours are the same as the ATV tours.

You get to drive ATV and Buggy - Black sand and Mountains
ATV & Buggy Mountain safari - The ultimate volcanic lava Experience.

This are the newest ATV's

Fantastic way to see real Iceland

This is going to be adventure of your life this amazing two day adventures takes on a jorney around moonscape
Reykjanes peninsula volcanic Lava, black sandy beaches, volcanos, hot springs and much more that
most people can only dream about note this is not on the average bus tour roads!


You will find secret TUNNELS to the best spots in ICELAND

Hey Guys,

Finally we got the chance to blog about this Amazing experience in Iceland. We got the chance to go out to the adventure with 4x4 Adventures Iceland. We ended up being the only ones on the trip. The route was scenic - passed by some ship wrecks, mountains and the sea. Some parts of the ride were challenging and overall fun, muddy and exciting. Although the weather was cold, rainy and cloudy it didn't stop us from setting out on a trip to the moon.

4X4 Adventures Iceland is a Family-Run company that was founded in 2007 by Sigurôur and his sons Jakob and Kjartan. From an early age they've all been tearing through Iceland mesmerizing Landscape on ATVs. The concept was born on an expedition trip through the vast countryside of the Reykjanes peninsula where they hit upon the idea that driving an ATV is a tremendous way to experience the nature for newcomers, and have great fun while doing it.

We encourage you to let the experts take you. Their guides are highly experienced and have been driving for years. Loving what they do, most of the guides ride their own bikes in their free time to travel around the highlands of Iceland.

Located right next to the Blue Lagoon, their tracks go through various lava and mountains offering super scenic views. On the one hour panorama tour we summit our ATV trailed mountain Hagafell where we overlook the Blue Lagoon and the guide will share his knowledge with some interesting facts. Standing on the top of this mountain really lets you appreciate the nature and cool views, on a good day we can see all the way out to the Westfjord national park where the 700,000-year-old stratovolcano Snæfellsglacier rests.

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